Pay verizon cell phone bill for someone else

To make a one-time payment through your My Verizon account simply login and select Bill from the My Verizon navigation, then click Pay options. Initiate your payment by selecting to Pay in full, Pay another amount or Make a split arrangement if you need more time. Click Continue.

You'll then select your payment method. Verizon recommends using your checking account, although you can also choose Debit, Credit, or ATM card, or even pay by Verizon Wireless Gift Card.

If you haven't saved your payment information, click Add method. Enter all of the required payment information. Your payment information will automatically be saved for future payments. If you don't want the new payment information to be saved, uncheck the box.

Once you've provided all required information, click Continue. Before submitting your payment, review the payment details. If you need to make any changes, click Edit. If everything looks good, click Confirm.

Higher price tags have become a regular part of life lately for most consumers. When another brand announces a price increase, it's almost unsurprising. But additional price increases can add up and significantly impact your budget.

Verizon recently announced upcoming fee changes for its wireless customers. These changes will impact both consumer and business customers. If you're used to paying a set amount for your bill each month, you'll want to be aware of these upcoming changes so you can budget accordingly.

What's changing with Verizon bills

These are the price changes that will begin in June:

  • Consumer accounts will see their monthly administrative fees increase from $1.95 per voice line to $3.30 per voice line during the June billing cycle. This will also impact smartwatch and tablet devices -- but will not impact hotspots.
  • Many business accounts will see a new monthly economic adjustment fee of $2.20 per line for smartphones or data lines. Basic service plans will include an additional $0.98 fee per line beginning on June 16, 2022.

Since these fees are charged per line, customers with multiple lines will see the biggest price difference.

What this means for Verizon customers

If the above changes apply to you, make sure you have room in your budget for a slightly higher wireless bill. While these Verizon fee changes may not result in a lot of extra money being taken out of your bank account, extra fees can add up when you consider all the other price increases you've been paying lately.

Cellphone bills aren't the only cost that has increased lately. Many consumers feel the financial strain as they fill up at the gas pump and get food and household essentials at the grocery store.

If you have extra money after paying all of your bills, you should consider contributing to a savings account. Your savings may help you out of a difficult financial situation in the future.

Tips to trim the cost of your phone bill

If you're a Verizon customer, these fee increases are inevitable. Still, you may be able to make some minor changes to lower the total cost of your wireless phone bill. We recently gave some pointers for how to lower your cellphone bill.

Here are a few examples:

  • Review plan options. Your service plan may not be the best option for your needs now. Compare plans to see if a cheaper service plan will work for your phone usage habits.
  • Share a plan with someone else. Having a solo cellphone plan can be pricey. If you have a loved one or partner you trust, check to see if you can both save money by joining one account with a family plan.
  • Consider other service providers. You may be able to save money and get a better plan by switching wireless service providers. If you're open to making this change, compare rates from different companies.

If you're frustrated with recent price increases, you're not alone. By making small changes in your daily life, you can save more money and make fewer wasteful purchases. For additional tips, check out these personal finance resources.

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For various reasons, including fraud and asset protection within financial institutions, it's becoming more common that account holders in the United States request that their bank set up a “debit filter” on their bank account. 

The intention of the debit filter is to block all unauthorized debit transactions to a specific account, making it less likely that an account holder will incur fraud.  For ACH transactions that an account holder wants to be debited from their account, the account holder will give a listing of ACH IDs to their bank, which will allow authorized debits to process. These debit transactions, or ACH IDs, are identified by a 10 digit company ID. 

Verizon uses various banks to send debits to our client’s accounts and has multiple company IDs attached to each of these accounts. The reason for this is to ensure that debits are processed timely, and for disaster recovery purposes. For example, if a bank is doing an upgrade to their system causing a delay, Verizon will send a debit from a different account at a different bank. 

We have no way to know if our customers have debit filters on their accounts. If you have debit filters on your account, please forward the following Verizon Company IDs to your bank for set up.

You can set up IDs associated with the product(s) you're processing with Verizon. 

  • Wireless one-time ACH payments: 212923
  • Wireless Auto Pay recurring ACH payments: 6223344794
  • Wireline & Fios Auto Pay recurring & one-time payments: 9783397101

Please ensure your bank has properly included the above Company IDs as authorized for Verizon to debit your banking account.

Can I pay someone else's phone bill?

Your question: “Is it possible to pay someone else's cell phone bill?” Sure! Some carriers may need some kind of authorization from the subscriber of the account, but I suspect most would gladly accept payments - with credit cards, the authorization has to work, of course.

Can I pay my Verizon bill from another phone?

Automated phone system – Call #PMT from your mobile phone or (800) 922-0204 from any phone. Enter your Account PIN.

How do I make a one time payment on Verizon?

You can make a payment by dialing #PMT from your Verizon mobile phone.

Can I pay my Verizon bill with a credit card?

Last updated: 10/02/2022 You can pay your Verizon bill online with a bank account or credit/debit card using USD/CAD. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa cards.