Basset hound puppies for sale arizona

This page provides a listing of Arizona Basset Hound Breeders. Please contact the breeders below to find Basset Hound puppies for sale in Arizona:


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Basset hound puppies for sale arizona

Copper State Basset Hounds

Basset Hound Breeders

Phoenix, AZ, USA

(480) 255-9551(480) 255-9551

[email protected]

We are located in Phoenix, AZ. Our goal is to help improve the breed and provide families that cl...

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Arizona Basset Hound Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to finding loving permanent homes for rescued Basset Hounds, Bloodhounds, and Basset Hound mixes in the state of Arizona.

We are a breed-specific rescue organization providing veterinary care, food, shelter, and support for dogs needing assistance. We have no physical location where we keep our rescued dogs but rely completely on volunteers who foster the dogs until they find their forever homes.

Our Rescue Activities

We prioritize Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds that are being held in shelters and are in danger of euthanasia. All rescued dogs are placed immediately into foster homes, where we perform a thorough evaluation and provide necessary veterinary care and support for a minimum of two weeks.

We treat these animals as our own, with the utmost care and respect, and make decisions based on compassion for the quality of life. If you are planning to relinquish your pet or adopt a new four-legged family member, please get in touch with us, and we will guide you through the entire process.


Basset hound puppies for sale arizona

Support Our Noble Venture

As a non-profit organization, we rely on generous donations and grants from individuals as well as other companies to carry out our rescue operations and meet food, shelter, and veterinary care costs. You can also help us by adopting a dog, offering yourself as a foster volunteer to one of our rescued dogs, or by being a part of our Angel Program.

No way! Transparency is super important to us here, and we pride ourselves on working with some of the most honest, open, ethical Basset Hound breeders Phoenix. All of the listed sellers on our site will be fully transparent with you from start to finish, providing all the info you need on each and every Basset Hound for sale Phoenix.

Do you recommend any kind of food for my Basset Hound?

If you ask different people, like breeders and dog owners, you'll get many different dietary recommendations for Phoenix Basset Hound puppies for sale. In truth, every single dog is different. Some will happily eat anything you give them, while others will be fussier with their food. Try different options with your Basset Hounds for sale in Phoenix to see what they like.

Can I buy the cheapest Basset Hound pups here?

Price tags vary quite a lot when it comes to Basset Hound puppies Phoenix, and you'll find some very fair, competitive prices here on Uptown. With that said, the breeders and businesses here are primarily focused on high standards of animal care and respectable ethics, rather than necessarily offering the cheapest prices.

Should I choose a shelter dog or a breeder puppy?

This all depends on your personal preferences. If you're on the search for a specific dog breed, like a Basset Hound for sale in Phoenix, it'll be easy to find what you want on Uptown. Shelters might not have the breed you're looking for, but if you're open to other breeds and older dogs, we encourage you to go ahead and check out some local rescue centers too.

What is the difference between a purebred dog and a mixed breed dog?

A purebred dog is one with parents of the same breed, like a Phoenix Basset Hound puppy for sale, for example. Mixed breed dogs, meanwhile, are made by crossing parents of two different breeds, producing pups with a mixture of qualities and characteristics. There's nothing wrong with mixed breeds, and many people enjoy both mixed and purebred pups.

Are basset Hounds good house dogs?

The Basset Hound's gentle, loving, patient nature makes them an excellent companion dog for the home while their keen sense of smell and hunting instincts continue to make them excellent hunting companions.

Are bassets hard to potty train?

Basset Hounds make a great family dog. They are excellent with kids and other animals, but when it comes to potty training, they can be pretty darn stubborn. One thing is certain, you will never get anywhere with your pup if you try to use any form of negative reinforcement or punishment training method.

What 2 dogs make a Basset Hound?

The dogs in Fouilloux's text were used to hunt foxes and badgers. It is believed that the Basset type originated as a mutation in the litters of Norman Staghounds, a descendant of the St Hubert's Hound. These precursors were most likely bred back to the St. Hubert's Hound, among other derivative French hounds.

What are the four types of basset Hounds?

Breeds. Recognised breeds of basset include the French Basset Artésien Normand, Basset Bleu de Gascogne, Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen and Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen and the Basset Hound from Great Britain.